Agriculture & Farming

The agricultural sector is indispensable to the country’s economic growth, food security, employment generation, and poverty alleviation particularly, at the rural level. It contributes 19.2 percent to the GDP and provides employment to around 38.5 percent of the labor force. More than 65-70 percent of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. The agricultural growth rate has been constrained by shrinking arable land, climate change, water shortages, and large-scale population and labor shift from
rural to urban areas. Increasing agricultural productivity, therefore, requires the adoption of new approaches. With strong forward and backward linkages with the secondary (industrial) and tertiary (services) sectors, it can play a pivotal role to spur economic growth. However, this sector has remained prone to several challenges like climate change, variance in temperature, water shortage, and changes in the pattern of precipitation along with an increase in input prices.